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i just wanted to say that with all the comotion with Sandy Elementry School shooting that i prayed for about 3 hours for all of those families that lost loved ones or children. I mean honesly think about what this person hads done. They have ruened so many lives that have not yet been lived out to their fullest. I’m sorry for what i’m about to say it is twords christion belifes bec i am a christian. In the ten comandments two of the rules are thow shall not kill, that rule was broken 27 times that day. Because that man killed 26 people 27 includeing himself. Some people say that it was because of his mintal disabilitys, and its not. I ave a frien dwith the same form of mintaldisability and he is perfectly fine he dosent walk into schools killing people. He is smart as a tack. For this same reason you cant just wale aroud gatering up all the mintally challanged people and ut them in a padded cell. You still have to treat them like people.So this is waht i leave you with, If you are greaving for the loss of a loved one, ill pray for you, but if your looking at all of the mintally disable kids and seeing murderers, well i wish that you will figure out that prejudice is an evil thing and ill pray for you to relinquish that 

i see the rain and i think cocoa,

i see the sun and i think the beach,

i see the snow and i think peacefulness, 

i see you and i think love, 

i see a huricane and i think madness, 

i see a funeral and i think sadness,

i see a church adn i think GOD,

i see children and i think playfulness,

i see a baby and i think life,

i see a cancer surviver and i think hope,

i see a school and i think education, 

i see a wedding adn i think forever and always,

but i see me and i think ugly and never amount to anything

the sun the rain fall upon your face,

the wind and snow bite ur nose,

a hurricane is way to vain, 

a snowstorm will be forever more a storm, 

yet love can be many things, 

includeing us 

Obama and Romny

  • Bill:

    hey Sam

  • Sam:

    hi -ya Bill

  • Bill:

    did you see the dabte last night?

  • Sam:

    No, what happend?

  • Bill:

    Well, there was this one guy claiming to be the presadent, and there was this other guy who actually out (how do you say this) politically spoke him. It was so cool!

  • Sam:

    Huh, hate I missed it, I was doing something a little more important than watching random guys tell each other things that the average bluecoller person doesn't know.

  • Bill:

    Well, what were you doing that was so dang important?

  • Sam:

    I was shaving my cat.

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